The Unconventional Girl-Next-Door

(Or, not your average Dorothy Gale from Kansas)

Let me start by saying I was a painfully shy, moody, and awkward child with a wild imagination and a head full of daydreams and fantasies. I loved to lock myself in my room all day and secretly sing along to my Anastasia cassette tape and Britney Spears "...Baby One More Time" CD. Some days, I would stand in front of the mirror and practice kissing scenes. With myself. Mary Katherine Gallagher style. My personal favorite, though, was when I let Zac Hanson (AKA my life-size Raggedy Ann doll) romantically swirl me around the [ball]room to some dramatic ballad. DRAMA. QUEEN.

It wasn't until those angst-y teen years that I finally went public with my art love. Naturally, I did the whole dance team/choir/drama club shebang in high school. College rolled around, and I decided it was a BFA in Musical Theatre or bust. So off to the University of Oklahoma I went!

Cut to the Fall of 2014, I packed my bags, bid a tearful farewell to my safe and sheltered life in good ol' Kansas, and hopped a plane to NYC. Sound familiar?? "Three bucks, two bags, one MEEE!" Talk about a coming-of-age. Learning how to survive in this monster of a city and make a living for myself has been my proudest life accomplishment thus far. I've gained a whole lot of courage, confidence, wisdom, and grit. Best of all, I'm falling more and more in love with myself every day.

New York, you're the best love/hate relationship I've ever had.

...Anxiously waiting for my biopic to be picked up by Lifetime. Or for Abbi and Ilana to make me their third wheel on Broad City. Stay tuned.

Try and grab  this  pussy, Donny Boy. 1/21/17

Try and grab this pussy, Donny Boy. 1/21/17